From 2 to 23 January 2009, we worked as volunteers in Bombolulu, a centre for developing aid and workshops for the handicapped in Mombasa, Kenya. The placement was arranged by A.T.T. Center.

We arrive in class at 9 o'clock and collect the students' homework. While we are busy making corrections, the students practice the alphabet. When they need help, they come to us and we help them as far as we can. When everything is correct, we tick it off and write down today's date.

The next lesson is math, but before the lesson begins, the students get a healthy and nourishing drink. In math, every child gets individual exercises. Again, we help the children with their work.

School ends with songs and prayers; then the children can go home. Most children are picked up immediately, but some, especially orphans, stay around and play with us until 1 p.m.

What we like about the institution is the fact that all ages are represented and even the little ones have contact with older children and adults! Moreover, the surroundings are very pleasant and we think that the children are very comfortable there. The playful atmosphere during the lessons is also very nice, as the children are still young and need to move around a lot.

We also get along very well with the teachers and settled in very quickly. We soon got a grasp of the teaching concept, so that we were able to assign individual exercises on our own.

We are really glad and very grateful that we had the opportunity to spend three weeks in Bombolulu. During our stay there, we gained a lot of experience, in particular concerning activities with children.

A big thanks to Bombolulu and A.T.T. Center!

Best regards
Eva Laucht and Ameley Ruland