We will leave Mombasa early in the morning and drive to the thornbush savannah of Tsavo East, the land of the "red elephants". Their colour is due to the red soil that is typical for the area.

On our game drive through the 1.1 mn hectare park, we will pass Aruba dam and, depending on the local situation, Lugard Falls in Tsavo River. At this point, the river changes its name: up to Malindi it is called Galana River; from there to the Ocean it is known as Sabaki River. The park's animal kingdom includes various gazelles, kudus, waterbucks, zebras, giraffes and a variety of birds. Rhinos have become extremely rare. We may also see the famous lions of Tsavo, the so-called "man eaters". The name goes back to Lt. Col. Patterson, whose men suffered under the lions while building Tsavo Bridge and the railway line to Uganda.

We will have lunch at Voi Safari Lodge, which offers a view of the 90 km long Yatta plateau, one of the world's longest lava streams (provided that the weather is clear). Yatta Plateau is intersected by Athi River, which come from Nairobi and merges with Tsavo River just before Lugard Falls. We will have an afternoon game drive and then return to the lodge to have dinner and spend the night.

Day 2

In the morning, we will go on a game drive. If we did not make it to Lugard Falls on the first day, we may pass there now. After lunch in the hotel, we will leave Kenya's biggest national park and head back to Mombasa, where we arrive in the evening.